Decline Minute 24: Will 2 Power

Guest: Brett Stillo from 5 Minutes of Trouble and 12 Chimes, It’s Midnight Music: The Germs – Manimal The Germs play a snippet of Richie Dagger, then kick off a full performance of Manimal. We talk about how documentaries are definitely lies, we examine the songmeanings comments about Manimal, we talk a lot about the television program of the same name, […]

Decline Minute 23: Suck It, Website

Guest: Brett Stillo from 5 Minutes of Trouble and 12 Chimes, It’s Midnight Music: The Germs – Richie Dagger’s Crime Darby has microphone crises and Pat Smear does riffs. We discuss analog illiteracy, there’s some gear talk, and we get into the songmeanings details on the song Richie Dagger’s Crime, coming across a bit of a mystery in the process. Find us […]

Decline Minute 22: Accidental Houdini

Guest: Brett Stillo from 5 Minutes of Trouble and 12 Chimes, It’s Midnight Music: Vox Pop – Cab Driver Michelle and Darby tell hospital stories and Darby breaks an egg. We list our own injuries and fights at shows, we name a spiky boy, we go over our growing list of fake band names, Brett identifies Darby’s klutzy superpower, and we mourn […]

Decline Minute 21: Mischievous Marker Boy

Guest: Brett Stillo from 5 Minutes of Trouble and 12 Chimes, It’s Midnight Music: Sham 69 – Hersham Boys Darby Crash talks about being banned and lists stage injuries. We discuss young Darby’s fascism fascination, learn Decline’s initial reputation, examine the seeds of goth and deathrock in punk, and Brett tells a great story about some teens […]

Decline Minute 20: Special Guest Nicole Panter

Guests: Adam Sheehan from TMNT Minute / Nicole Panter, former Germs manager Music: G.G. Allin – Don’t Talk To Me / The Germs – Lexicon Devil Chavo says goodbye, then Nicole Panter introduces us to the Germs. We compare and contrast Darby’s evocative chaos, G.G. Allin’s repulsive chaos, and GWAR’s controlled chaos. In our special Friday segment, we […]

Decline Minute 19: Has Anyone Seen Dennis?

Guest: Adam Sheehan from TMNT Minute Music: Black Flag – Revenge Black Flag performs almost the entirety of Revenge. We do our songmeanings thing on the lyrics, talk about shirtlessness in pits, go on a massive but expertly-curated tangent about Misfits and Macho Man Randy Savage and Ninja Turtles, and Adam tells an amazing D.R.I. story. Find us […]

Decline Minute 18: Harvey Kirshner

Guest: Adam Sheehan from TMNT Minute Music: The Gun Club – Preaching the Blues Chuck keeps talking about his search, then Ron says they were arrested for being a nuisance in Publix. We talk about ska bands running out of ska puns and doing ska puns on other ska band names, the soundstaging of the performance, the fate of […]